Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Tuesdays are the worst

I've heard plenty of bitching about why Monday sucks (and it does a little) but lets get real: Tuesday is the day to hate on. No more "case of the Mondays" crap. Tuesday is the worst day ever. Let me break it down for you:

Monday: OK, so your weekend's over. Lame. But you know what? At least it's the start of something. Although Monday usually means no sleeping in, no late-night drinking, and an end to some personal time, at least it's a fresh start to a new week. Rise and shine: It's Monday!

Ha! I wish.
Wednesday: Wednesday, or "hump day," actually has quite a few redeeming qualities. Many of them are to my personal benefit, but this blog is about what I think, right? First of all, I only work at the pre-school Monday -Thursday, so Wednesday means I've almost made it through the week. (As for a regular person's week, it's at least a halfway marker.) Plus, I may be the only person in America to get paid on Wednesdays, so that's also a plus. 

But beyond work and money, Wednesday has some redeeming social qualities as well. Before I worked at 7:45 a.m., Wednesday was my favorite night at the bar - especially if Woodman's was having a good open mic night. Not to mention my favorite TV show ever airs on Wednesdays. If you haven't seen 'Modern Family', do yourself a favor and watch an episode or two. Or the whole season, really. 

Thursday: Obvious advantages to Thursday. 1: It's almost Friday. 2: It's the ultimate socially-acceptable weekday to have a few beers. "Thirsty Thursday?" Yes, please.

Friday: Come on. It's Friday. It's time for a little happy dance as you leave work or school. I just started waiting tables at a restaurant in Bangor and I have to work Friday and Saturday, but I still get a little excited knowing it's Friday.

Saturday: The most superior day of the week. You have the whole day to enjoy, whether it's travel, much-needed house cleaning, visits with friends and family, or nothing at all. The best part of Saturday is knowing you have another whole day to relax after whatever shenanigans you decide upon.

Sunday: I have to admit that Sunday is not my favorite day of the week, but at least it's not Tuesday. I do enjoy the absolute do-nothing Sundays and it is my only full day off in the week. Sunday is fun, but there's always that nagging feeling of the weekend being over. However, if you live with my roommates, which I do, you can understand some other perks of Sunday. Like NFL, for example. Oh, and NFL.

I still don't really understand how football works, but I'm learning. The extent of my football knowledge is that Randy Moss is a pompous jerk and I love him. He used to play for the patriots, he went to the Vikings, they said "buh-bye!" and now he plays for the Titans, which I didn't even know was a team.

So what have we learned here? Tuesday has absolutely no redeeming qualities. None. No relaxing. No drinking. No start fresh attitude. It didn't even appear on my list. Why? Because Tuesday is the worst. 

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